The Big Freeze - Essential Winter Skincare Tips

The Big Freeze - Essential Winter Skincare Tips

By Soap Blogger

The Great British winter is once again rearing its ugly head and bringing with it the promise of dry, cracked and generally undesirable skin complaints for millions across the UK. At no time of the year does skin face harsher or more testing conditions, which is why dermatologists and doctors alike are often inundated with cries for help until the thaw sets in closer to the spring.

However, like most things in life there are ways and means by which skin can be cared for during the winter in order to avoid the vast majority of common complaints. It’s all about combining common sense with a few experts’ tips and secrets, of which the following represent the most important winter skincare rules of all:

1 – More Moisture

It’s common to think that the winter represents a great time to cut back on moisturising – with the sun having said its goodbyes and quit drying out your skin for a good few months. However, this is actually quite far from the reality of things as the harsh cold of the winter can be infinitely more drying to skin than the warm weather of the summer. So if anything, you should be looking at upping your daily moisturising regime.

2 – Use Sunscreen

The sun’s rays can be just as damaging in the winter, perhaps even more so when and where the glare of the snow comes into play. As such, it’s important not to take the few sunny days we’re blessed with in the winter for granted, but to instead wear sunscreen when planning to head out and about on a clear day.

3 – Stay Dry

If at any time you find yourself with wet gloves, socks or really anything else you’re wearing, these should be removed as quickly as possible. Overexposure to wet garments can trigger dry skin, unpleasant sores and even outbreaks of eczema.

4 – Try a Humidifier

The majority of home and office heating systems these days may be effective in warming the place, but at the same time do little but dry the air. So during the months when it’s necessary to have the heating turned up, consider running a humidifier at the same time.

5 – Tone Down Treatments

If you’re in the habit of using facial masks, peels or anything else that’s in any way harsh on your skin, the winter is definitely the time to cut back on them. Anything you use that strips the skin of its natural oils is largely guaranteed to intensify the drying and damaging effect of the cold weather.

6 – Keep it Cool

And finally, one of the most important tips offered time and time again moving into the winter is to never fall into the habit of compensating for freezing cold days with overly hot baths. It’s true that little feels better than playing out in the ice and snow only to then come home to a red-hot bath, but these extremes of temperature along with the rapid change between the two can inflict quite horrific damage on the skin from head to toe.



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