Dry, Brittle Nails? Breaking Bad Habits

Dry, Brittle Nails? Breaking Bad Habits

By Soap Blogger

Fighting a losing battle with dry, brittle and generally unsightly nails? Well, you can take a little cold comfort from the fact that you’re not alone – millions of women of all ages share your plight! Not that this makes it any easier, but still…good to know you’re not the only one, right?


There are of course various conditions and unique factors that can lead to nails becoming dry and unhealthy, but in so many cases the solution lies in breaking a few bad habits. So if you have little choice but to admit you’re not doing any of the following, chances are you have both the problem and the solution right there in front of you:


1 - Let Them Breathe


First and foremost, if you keep your nails covered in polish and products 24 hours a day and every day, it’s inevitable that they are going to fall into a poor state of repair. Like every other part of your body, your nails need a good supply of fresh air to remain in good condition. Of course, you’ll want to cover up the damage with more polish than you might normally use, but doing so only makes it worse…and the cycle continues.


2 - Cleanse Gently


When it comes to cleansing your hands and nails, it’s of the utmost importance to use only the finest quality soaps, moisturisers and nourishing treatments. When you use cheap synthetic soap for example, the chemicals it contains will do little other than strip your skin and nails of the good stuff they need to remain healthy and attractive. By contrast, use organic products of the highest quality and they’ll actually help by putting a dose of the good stuff back into the mix.


3 – Good Grooming


Another common mistake is that of not following good grooming practices. Unless you use quality nail trimmers and filing products that are in a good state of repair and used in the correct manner, it’s inevitable that your nails will begin to grow in an unhealthy manner. If unsure, look for a professional nail-cutting guide online and invest in a quality manicure set.


4 - Temperature Extremes


Just like your skin, your nails will never respond well to extreme temperatures or changes thereof. From hot water to snow and all other such examples besides, try to keep your nails as far away from extreme temperatures as possible.


5 – Glove-Up


For the sake of nail and skin health in general, you should never, ever go about any household cleaning jobs without wearing the appropriate protective gloves. The damage the average household chemicals can do to your skin is quite simply terrifying.


6 - Seek Advice


Last but not least, any severe or prolonged problem with nail health could be a sign of an underlying general health problem that needs to be investigated and addressed. As such, it’s a good idea to seek advice from a professional, just to make sure there isn’t something more serious at work or perhaps a simple nail health condition that could be easily treated in no time.


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