Dry Heels – Simple Tips for Fast Relief

Dry Heels – Simple Tips for Fast Relief

By Soap Blogger

It’s funny to think that in this day and age with so many medical and technological advances, millions of men and women are still living their lives with the irritation of dry, cracked heels. It really is one of the most common and tenacious skin conditions the world has ever known and yet remains a mystery to so many who firmly believe they’ve tried literally everything to no avail.


Of course, every case reacts slightly differently to every treatment option so there’s really no one-size-fits-all wonder cure to speak of. But at the same time, by combining the most extensively tried, tested and verified tips of all, chances are you’ll find at least some relief and fast.



For example, if you’re not in the habit of using lavish doses of moisture on your heels both during the day and before going to bed, this could be the simple tip that makes all the difference. Choose a quality product that’s rich, thick and packed with natural ingredients for the best possible results.


Ditch Drying Soaps

As far as your daily cleaning routine goes, get yourself out of the habit of using any soaps or cleansing products that might be drying and damaging your skin. Unless your soap is 100% organic and loaded with natural ingredients, there’s a strong chance it’s actually stripping your skin of what it needs and making things worse than they already are.


Cool Cleansing

It might feel like a good idea at the time to take red hot baths and showers, but the damage this can cause to already dry and cracked feet really is off the scale. As such, you should try to get into the habit of using only gently warm water to go about your cleansing routines and being sure to avoid sudden jumps from one extreme temperature to another at all costs.


The Right Fit

The shoes and socks you choose could also be making a difference to the health of your heels in either direction. When shoes are too tight, too loose or perhaps don’t allow the skin to breathe, they can have a detrimental effect on the skin and make dryness even worse.



The most important contributory factor of all to well hydrated skin is a well hydrated body in general. As such, one of the first steps toward healthier heels is to make sure you are in fact drinking enough water every day and to increase your intake if necessary.


Skip the Steam

Contrary to popular belief, heading into a sauna or steam bath will not in fact help with your dry heels – if anything it will just make things worse. You might feel some temporary relief, but soon enough you’ll find yourself wishing you’d skipped the idea altogether.


Cut Down

Last but not least, due to the dehydrating effects of alcohol it is often recommended that a reduction in alcohol consumption be made by those worst-affected by dry and cracked heels. The same also applies to smoking, as the harmful effects of tobacco on the skin are well-documented.





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