Dealing With Acne – Simple Tips to Follow

Dealing With Acne – Simple Tips to Follow

By Soap Blogger

Even with all the spectacular advances in global medical science, we’re still no closer to an outright cure or comprehensive preventative measure for acne. Individual cases of acne range from the mildly irritating to the horrifically life affecting and from the temporary to the permanent. In any and all cases though, it can often feel as if you’re fighting a losing battle having tried every trick in the book and yet still come no closer to clear skin.

As with most skin conditions, the very best way to tackle acne is to prevent or limit breakouts in the first place. And while some cases of acne are of course too severe to be tackled without professional intervention, those with mild to moderate acne could benefit greatly from the following preventative tips:

1 – Practice Good Hygiene

Good hygiene doesn’t mean washing your face fifteen times each day and nor does it mean scrubbing your skin red raw with harsh exfoliates and chemical soaps. Instead, good hygiene means washing twice a day as normal using gentle and all-natural soaps that are manufactured specifically to avoid drying and damaging already sensitive skin. Remember – more is not always better.

2 – Be Cautious of Cover-Ups

It’s always tempting to respond to any minor acne breakout by reaching for the makeup brush and essentially painting over the affected area. This may work well in terms of delivering an immediate camouflaging effect, but unless the makeup products specify otherwise, chances are you’ll be making things infinitely worse. Acne needs to be able to breathe in order to eventually heal, which is made difficult or impossible with layer upon layer of makeup on top.

3 – Care For Your Hair

It’s a little known tip but a crucial point to acknowledge nonetheless – what you put on your hair can have a direct impact on the health of the skin on your face. The reason being that when you use styling products that are loaded with waxes, oils and all manner of chemicals, it’s 100% inevitable that some of it will end up on your face. It could naturally make its way down to your skin or find its way onto your pillow at night, but one way or the other what you use on your hair also impacts your skin. As such, it’s wise to give extra thought to the nature of the hair products you use.

4 – Look, But Don’t Touch

Tempting or instinctive as it may be, it’s of the utmost importance to avoid touching any skin affected by acne to the largest possible extent. The reason being that unless your hands are sterile, you’ll be effectively ‘feeding’ the breakout with additional grease, grime and bacteria – all of which will further anger the skin and impede the healing process.

5 – Go Natural

Last up, unless advised otherwise by a medical professional it’s a good idea to try as many organic and all-natural remedies as possible before resorting to the usual harsh chemicals and toxins. The reason being that while the latter may be effective in treating the acne, they often leave skin noticeable damaged and much more prone to repeat breakouts. Treat the acne with natural products and you’re considerably less likely to see it reappearing in the future.



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