A Cure for Cracked Fingers? It’s Well Within Your Reach

A Cure for Cracked Fingers? It’s Well Within Your Reach

By Soap Blogger

While some individuals are naturally predisposed to suffer from dry and often painfully cracked fingers, the vast majority of cases are triggered by external influences. When sensitive skin comes into contact with any number of irritants or detrimental conditions in general, the result can be highly unpleasant cracking of the skin. And once deep or extensive cracking has set in, it can be very difficult to banish it once and for all.

As is the case with all skincare, prevention of problems is far preferable to targeting a cure further down the line. In the case of cracked fingers, it can take little more than a simple care and protection regime to ward off any such ill effects and preserve the skin’s natural health and lustre.

Here’s an overview of six highly simple tips for preventing and managing cracked fingers:

1 – Hand Sanitisers

Alcohol-base hand sanitisers are enormously popular these days and can be wonderfully effective against bacteria. However, the alcohol they contain can also have an excessively drying and damaging effect on the skin. Their use need not be ruled out, but rather limited in order to avoid drying and cracking.

2 – The Big Cover Up

The value of using gloves when washing dishes or carrying out domestic cleaning duties of any kind really cannot be overstated. There’s seldom a single product in the average home’s cleaning arsenal that isn’t downright hazardous to the skin, which when combined with the generally prolonged exposure associated with home cleaning adds up to a somewhat disastrous result.

3 – The Right Skincare Products

Not all moisturisers and skincare products in general are created equal. For every bargain-basement synthetic compound that’s guaranteed to have little to no positive effect, there’s also a wholly organic and hand-made alternative with the potential to transform the health and glow of your skin.

4 – Harsh Cleansers

Harsh hand cleaners in particular should be avoided as it’s remarkable just how many times each day they may be used. When it comes to any products at all that are used on a regular basis, it’s crucial to choose the gentlest possible examples.

5 – Extremes of Temperature

Something else to be aware of particularly at this time of year is extremes of temperature – always a detriment to skin health. Both extreme cold and excessive hear can have a horrific impact on skin health, though even worse is to switch from one to the other in quick succession.

6 – Consult a Professional

As with most things, there’s really no such thing as a single product or universally applicable beauty regime that’s guaranteed effective for 100% of people. As such, when an individual finds themselves facing a somewhat exacerbated problem with dry, cracked or even bleeding fingers, it’s never a bad idea to make an appointment with a professional to take home some genuinely impartial advice.

7 – Soaps Containing Sodium Lauryl Sulphate

Lastly, beware of any soaps that contain Sodium Lauryl Sulphate in any quantity. This happens to be one of the most common ingredients used in almost every mainstream soap you’re likely to come across, but is also known for its excessively drying and damaging effects on the skin.






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