Caring for Eczema During the Winter Months – A Few Simple Tips

Caring for Eczema During the Winter Months – A Few Simple Tips

By Soap Blogger

Eczema can be problematic at all times of the year, though never fails to flare up most painfully and irritatingly over the winter. As our skin takes a battering from the elements, it’s hardly surprising that generally manageable skin conditions take on a whole new degree of severity. When the winter gets a grip on eczema, the result can be hideous to say the least.


The good news however is that there are plenty of ways and means most eczema sufferers can limit the additional damage the winter does to their skin. With a solid daily skincare regimen and the following tips in mind, eczema need not be the constant wintertime irritation you may have long-since come to know it as:


1 – Wear Gloves

If you suffer from eczema across your hands or fingers, one of the worst things you can do is head anywhere without wearing gloves. Not only will the biting cold temperatures wreak havoc with the health of your skin, but to then move from a freezing cold location to the warm indoors will inflict further damage. Maintaining the right temperature balance at all times is crucial and cannot be achieved without good gloves.


2 – Use a Humidifier

The drier the air is around you and your skin throughout the day, the worse the effect on your eczema. As such, winter represents a hugely important time to keep the humidifier running as much as necessary in order to prevent the home’s heating systems drying out the air entirely. If possible, you should also consider investing in a humidifier for the bedroom to be used while you sleep.


3 – Moisturise in Abundance

It’s crucial to step up your usual moisturising practices during the winter months as well, for the simple reason that your skin will have more trouble than ever in holding onto its natural moisture. This means using products of quality before bed, every morning and after every cleansing. For hands in particular, this is one instance where too much is in fact never enough.


4 – Switch to Better Soaps

It’s no secret that the harsh chemicals in most bog-standard soaps have the potential to dry and damage your skin at the best of times, therefore stand to really impact your skin’s health during the winter months. Eczema sufferers in particular could benefit enormously from making the switch to organic soaps and organic skincare products in general, as to do away with the chemicals is to oust anything that stands to do your skin further damage.


5 – Careful Bathing and Showering

Last but not least, as tempting as it can be to jump into a red-hot shower in the middle of winter or to soak for hours on end in the bath, neither of these habits will do your skin or your eczema any good. At this time of the year in particular it is crucial to limit not only the time you spend showering and bathing, but also the temperature of the water you use.




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