Is There Such a Thing as Being Too Clean?

Is There Such a Thing as Being Too Clean?

By Soap Blogger

Here’s a question asked relatively commonly to those working in the skincare industry – is there really such a thing as being too clean? 


These days, cleanliness has become something of an obsession and the masses in general are reluctant to touch or do anything, without then immediately reaching for the sanitiser. Cast your mind back a few decades and you might just remember a time when not only did today’s endless anti-bacterial products not exist, but kids in general were routinely allowed to spend their days and night rolling in mud – all without a second glance from anyone.  


So when it comes to the way in which we approach cleanliness these days, are we sometimes guilty of taking things too far?


As far as the experts are concerned, the answer is quite simple – yes!


Anti-Bac Overload


For one thing, what the vast majority of people don’t seem to understand is the way in which anti-bacterial soaps and products can vary much be overused. They carry out a fantastic and important job, but anti-bacterial products in general cannot tell the difference between a good bacteria and bad bacteria…so they simply get rid of all bacteria. Which in its own right isn’t a problem when used sensibly, but to reach for anti-bacterial products every minute of every day somewhat compulsively can rob the skin of the ‘friendly’ bacteria it needs to do its job properly.


Positive Hygiene Practices


In terms of how the experts recommend approaching a daily hygiene in general, it’s recommended that common sense be used to work out when and where cleansing products should be used…especially those of antibacterial nature. From changing nappies to preparing food to using the bathroom and so on, all such instances call for a good clean. By contrast, and as already touched upon, compulsively reaching for cleansing products to an almost obsessive extent has the potential to do more harm than good.


Lay-Off the Lathering?


When it comes to those who simply cannot resist jumping in the shower every single day and lathering themselves up to the point at which they resemble snowmen, the experts have one exceptionally important tip to share. In a nutshell, the more chemicals, synthetic products, perfumes and general toxins the chosen beauty products have in them, the more damage you are probably doing to your skin, day in and day out. If lathering luxuriously and lavishly is your thing, experts comprehensively recommend making the switch to fully natural and organic skincare products, the likes of which you could technically use a dozen times a day without doing any harm to your skin whatsoever.


Always Read the Label


Last but not least, experts also recommend that when it comes to everyday hygiene practices, the vast majority of people really could do with getting into the habit of reading labels more attentively. The simple fact of the matter is that it is only by examining the label of a product that you can have any idea what goes into it – ultimately being able to decide whether or not it is doing do any good. And if it isn’t, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the more you use it, the more damage you could be doing to your skin.


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