Still Battling Dry Hands? Try These Quick Tips

Still Battling Dry Hands? Try These Quick Tips

By Soap Blogger

As far as tenacious skin conditions go, there aren’t many that can hold a candle to dry skin. From the tiniest of patches that just won’t go away to those poorly-timed outbreaks that leave you begging for relief, dry skin affects most people at one time or another during their life.


What’s interesting however is that while most are willing to go to the ends of the Earth by way of pricey and in some cases quite unpleasant treatment methods, it’s often a few very basic and very simple changes that make all the difference. So, before driving yourself crazy and spending every penny to your name on the most costly dry skin remedies on the market, consider the following quick tips and you might just find the relief you’re looking for:


1 – Switch Your Soaps

Right off the bat, if you’re still using a cheap bar of soap from a standard supermarket shelf, take a minute to look at the ingredients label. Now, when you consider that every one of the weird and wacky chemical compounds you can’t pronounce could be stripping your skin of its moisture, you may well have yourself the cause of your dry skin…or at least why you cannot seem to get rid of it. Switch to a 100% organic soap instead and you’ll be treated to a lavish dose of 100% natural ingredients to add more good stuff to your skin and take nothing away.


2 – Quality Moisturisers

The vast majority of moisturisers work by creating a barrier that helps your skin retain its natural moisture, but at the same time there will always be those that do more harm than good. Again, it’s a case of considering what exactly goes in there and thinking carefully about how many toxins you want to expose your skin to. If the answer is as few as possible, then you owe it to yourself to make the switch to a high-quality organic moisturiser that offers all the protection and power you need, while at the same time being as gentle as possible on your skin.


3 – Hygiene Habits

It sometimes feels as if the best thing you can do for your dry skin is soak it for hour after hour in a red hot bath, or perhaps a sauna. Sadly, extreme temperatures at both ends of the scale will never do anything but make your dry skin worse. So, while it may feel a bit on the relief-free side at the time, it’s important to get into the habit of washing with warm water only and making sure you dry your skin fully the very moment you’re done. And when you’re done, you’ll of course be wanting to add a liberal dose of that quality moisturiser.


4 – Lifestyle Lapse

Last but not least, it’s often the case that dry skin is actually being caused by something on the inside rather than the outside. If you don’t drink enough water for example, this won’t help. If you’re a smoker, this could be wrecking your skin. If you drink too much alcohol, you have to expect to be dehydrated and dry. Take a look at your lifestyle choices objectively and think carefully about which could be doing your health a disservice both inside and out.


…and when all else fails, call in the dermatologist for a little expert advice!


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