Banishing Dry Skin For Life…Naturally

Banishing Dry Skin For Life…Naturally

By Soap Blogger

There’s one distinct problem that comes with nailing a brilliant skincare regime when you’re a teenager – you’re not a teenager for very long! It’s the kind of thing none of us really like to think about but as we get older…which we all sadly must…we need to make allowances for the differences between young and mature skin. Yes, it’s a horrible world, but the sooner you start looking after your skin in accordance with your age, the better your chances of banishing dry and cracked skin for life.

The trouble is that as skin ages, it becomes significantly drier and thinner. This in turn means that the likelihood of developing problem dry skin patches increases hugely, as too does the chance of skin cracking, chafing and perhaps even bleeding. Worse still, the drier and generally less healthy your skin is, the more it tends to highlight fine lines and wrinkles…which is of course exactly what you don’t want!

Of course, there are more than a few ways and means by which dry skin can be tackled, but we’re the types that prefer to side with prevention rather than cure. So what advice do the world’s leading dermatologists give their clients when asked about dry skin prevention?

Bathing and Showering

Well, first and foremost comes the simple practice of bathing or showering every day. For some this is the standard way of things anyway, but if you can get into the habit of hopping in each day without fail, you’ll be delivering your skin a much-needed dose of moisture like nothing else can bring it.

There are however a few rules to follow when doing so, which are as follows:

•    Short and Sweet – Don’t stay in the shower or bath for more than about 10 minutes, as any longer and the water will actually have a drying effect on your skin.
•    Keep it Cool – Red hot water is always tempting, but it will strip your skin of the oils it needs to stay hydrated. Always go for warm baths, never too hot.
•    Get Steamy – Make sure you keep the windows and doors closed if possible as the steam that builds up will work wonders for your skin.
•    Go Natural – When it comes to the products you use, stay away from any soaps and cleansers that aren’t 100% organic, natural and downright exquisite. The wrong soap will make things worse day after day.
•    Pat Down – If you’re prone to sensitive or dry skin, the worst thing you can do is rub the heck out of it with a dry and stiff towel. Instead, use a dabbing motion.
•    Lock it In – As soon as you get out, you need to make a run for the moisturiser and put it on liberally. This again needs to be a good organic moisturiser and needs to be used quickly. You might not know this already, but moisturisers don’t actually add moisture – they just lock in what’s already there.

Moisturise…A Lot!

Staying with the above point for a moment, if you can lock in as much of the skin’s moisture as possible, then you’re already on your way to effective dry skin prevention. This means being very proactive when it comes to using moisturiser, which in turn means selecting an excellent product and using it on a regular basis. It might take a while to form the habit, but using the stuff more than once a day if and when possible can make a big difference.

It’s also worth noting that there are certain types of moisturisers that are better suited to the prevention and treatment of dry skin than others. For example, lotions don’t tend to be as good as creams when it comes to preventing dry skin.

Always Read the Label

You’d think that when a product comes complete with a label that says ‘Anti-Aging’ you’d be safe, but this isn’t the case at all. In some cases, they might well be loaded with all manner of chemicals and other ingredients… alpha-hydroxy acid for example…that have a pretty bad habit of drying out your skin. If it’s looking like a chemical cocktail, chances are it’s worth walking away from.


Admittedly, it’s not as if you can sit around in a sauna all day, but at the same time you’ll never know how dry your living spaces are until you test them. You can buy a meter for next to nothing that keeps an eye on temperature and humidity and chances are the latter could do with the kick upward. If so, consider investing in a humidifier that can keep the air nice and moist – you’ll notice the difference without having to do anything at all.

Smooth as Silk

When you have, or are prone to, areas of dry skin anywhere across your body, avoid wearing any materials that might scratch, rub or irritate the skin. Wool for example seems nice and soft, but it can play havoc with dry and cracked skin.

Use Sunblock

If everyone could get out of the habit of thinking sunscreen is only for the summer, well…let’s just say we’d all have much healthier skin. Truth is that even in the winter months when there’s barely any sun to be seen, its rays could still be doing your skin a world of harm. So just to be sure, it’s a good idea to always wear sunblock when spending time outdoors – just be sure to choose a safe one that’s also a good moisturiser.

Helping Hands

And finally, your hands go through a lot and definitely warrant extra attention in the fight against dry and cracked skin. There are so many simple things you can do to ensure your hands stay in great shape, which include:

•    Gloves – Don’t expose your hands to cold temperatures or anything else harmful and no harm can come to them…it’s simple really!
•    Moisturise – Every time you wash your hands, you have the perfect opportunity to lock in a ton of valuable moisture, so it’s good to get into the habit of doing so.
•    Dry Off – Paradoxically, allowing your hands to stay too wet for too long will do nothing but lead to dry and damaged skin, so use gloves if possible and dry off immediately.

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