Banishing Beard Rash – A Few Tips for Men

Banishing Beard Rash – A Few Tips for Men

By Soap Blogger

When it comes to male skincare, there’s probably no more irritating and tenacious problem than that of shaving rash. The action of scraping and stripping the skin of all its essential moisture and nutrients leaves behind a quite horrifically damaged surface that’s prone to redness, soreness, itching, irritation and generally poor health. And the more often any man shaves, the worse the problem becomes – the long-term effects shaving can have on the delicate skin of the face really are quite unfortunate.


Of course, simply quitting shaving altogether perhaps isn’t a realistic option for most men, which is why it’s instead a good idea to follow a few simple skincare tips. From the products you use to the way you go about the shaving process itself, it’s possible to make a real difference…at least in the absence of a perfect alternative to the razor.


1 – Better Cleansers


For example, one of the easiest and most beneficial changes that could be made is that of investing in a better cleanser. The reason being that while shaving may strip and scrape the skin’s moisture away, the same may also be true to a lesser extent for the soap you’re using. If it’s not a 100% organic soap, chances are it’s loaded with synthetic ingredients and harsh compounds which may clean effectively, but do little for the health of your skin.


2 – Quality Balms


There’s also much to be said for investing in a quality aftershave balm, which can be used after every shave to cool, soothe and nourish the skin. Applying alcohol-loaded aftershave to already irritated skin is for obvious reasons a rather bad idea, as is using a balm or lotion that’s packed with chemicals and toxins. For the sake of your skin’s health, try out a natural balm and feel the difference for yourself.


3 – Lubrication


For the actual process of shaving itself, it’s a good idea to make sure you’ve got an extremely capable, gentle and high-quality lubricant to make things as painless as possible. Quite simply the cheaper and more artificial the foam, cream or lotion you buy, the more it’s going to irritate your skin during use. Consider a bar of 100% organic shaving soap or a natural shaving foam – both of which will add a much-needed touch of protective moisture to your skin.


4 – Better Beard Care


Last but not least, one of the most overlooked rules of all when it comes to cutting down on the pain of shaving rash is to take proper care of your beard in the first place. This of course means choosing the kinds of quality products that give your skin a dose of all it needs to produce a beard that’s healthy, soft and in good condition. The more brittle, damaged and generally unhealthy your beard is, the more likely it is to cause your skin damage and irritation during shaving. Just remember that there’s really no such thing as too much moisture when it comes to looking after the skin on your face – especially when it’s the kind of skin you’re attacking with a razor once every day or two.





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