Bad Habits to Break – What’s Eating Your Skin?

Bad Habits to Break – What’s Eating Your Skin?

By Soap Blogger

We know just how annoying it is – you cleanse, you tone, you moisturise and you do all you think you should be doing, though for one reason or another your skin tells a different story. The funny thing is though, it can often turn out to be that one of the things you’re doing with the best intentions is actually the root cause of the problem.

There are some bad habits that are more obvious than others when it comes to keeping skin as youthful and generally fabulous as possible, so here’s a quick rundown of our top ten favourites to fight off:

1 – Overindulging

If there’s something you love to eat or drink, then chances are there’s a sensible limit you should be aware of too. When folk like to indulge, they like to indulge in things like cocktails, biscuits, sweets, wine, fast food and so on and so forth – all of which are ok in moderation. Overdo them however and your skin will pay the price, so the first rule is that if you feel like you can’t get enough of something you just love to scoff down, chances are it’s not good for your skin.

2 – Overcleaning

You might think there’s no such thing as keeping your face too clean, but sadly you’re wrong…there is. It, of course, all comes down to the quality of products you use in terms of how much washing is too much, but as a general rule of thumb dermatologists advise not washing more than two times each day. The reason being that with the right products and the ideal cleansing routine, this is all you’ll need to lock in optimum moisture and nutrients.

3 – Harsh Exfoliators

It’s a bit like assuming the punishment must be worth it when you wash your face with a product that feels like it’s full of broken glass. But sadly not, as it’s actually a terrible idea to use these kinds of things even once. The long story short is that if you use any kind of face or body scrub that leaves your skin feeling sore, irritated or in any way looks red and blotchy, it’s not doing you any good at all. You’ll chisel away all your skin’s natural defences and do its surface a world of harm.

4 – Blemish Beating

When you wake up on the day of the big meeting and find yourself with the biggest spot you’ve ever seen right in the middle of your face, chances are you’ll do anything to make sure it’s gone by the afternoon. The trouble is, the more OTT we get with blemishes, the more our whole face pays and the higher the chances of an even more hideous breakout. There are so many safe and sensible products available right now for treating blemishes without going nuclear, so be sure to use something that won’t actually make things worse.

5 – Perfect Pillows

When you go to bed with all those lovely night creams on your face, what do you think happens as you sleep? That’s right, they get smeared all over your pillow where they’re left to mike with dead skin cells, all manner of oils and the various bits of dust and dirt that fall on them the next day. And the next night, you go smear them all over your face once again – lovely isn’t it? The good news however is that you don’t need new pillows every night to combat the problem, though experts do advise that you change your pillow cases twice each week.

6 – Winter Sun

Just because it’s not beach weather anymore does not mean the time has come to completely ignore the potential damage UV rays can cause. They’re out there doing their business all year round and can really play a blinder on you when you’re not paying attention. It’s not like you’ll have to put on the SPF30 just to walk to the car each morning, but if planning to spend time outdoors for any length of time, sunscreen is just as important in the other three months of the year. And when you do use it, don’t only put it on the most obvious areas either.

7 – Avoiding Oils

Ok, so one minute you’re told oils are what’s causing your skin problems and then you’re told to lather more of the stuff on…what gives? It sounds a bit strange we know, but the reality is actually pretty easy to grasp. The more you suppress production of or remove the skin’s natural oils, the more effort your body puts into producing more of the stuff. So whether it’s acne you’re suffering from or even just shiny skin, there are oils available that could actually benefit the problem rather than making it worse.

8 – Cortisone Cream

For certain conditions, cortisone cream works wonders. However, because it’s so readily available, is cheap to get hold of and seems to work wonders on everything, there are way too many people using way too much of it way too often. In theory you should only ever use such a cream for a week or two max – any longer than this and the skin develops something of a resistance to it. You stop using it, the problem comes back ten times worse than before – this is the primary sign of cortisone cream overuse and is a painful habit to fall into.

9 – Bad Brushes

Like we said about the pillowcase above, now spare a quick thought for your makeup brushes. Do you clean them, dry them and store them properly? Or do you just leave them out to gather dirt and grime while the cat has a nice chew on them twice a day? Bearing in mind you’ll be rubbing these all over your face and eyes, you really should know what to do with them.

10 – Self Medicating

Last but not least, if you have any kind of skin problem at all and have decided to go about treating it without a medical consultation, there’s a strong chance you’re making it worse and worse. Just because it looks like one thing doesn’t mean you should ever assume it is – it’s not too much to ask to get it looked at and to make sure that the meds and products you’re using aren’t doing irreparable damage to your skin.

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