Awesome Organic Gift Ideas for Him

Awesome Organic Gift Ideas for Him

By Soap Blogger

These days, more men up and down the United Kingdom are taking an active interest in personal health and beauty than ever before. Even those who don’t exactly buy into the whole ‘metrosexuality’ thing are in huge numbers being seriously proactive when it comes to looking after their skin, grooming and appearance in general. But at the same time, actually getting the average man to switch to the organic way of doing things has never been easy…quite far from it, in fact.   


This is precisely why the New Year’s period represents quite simply the perfect time to show the man in your life exactly what he’s been missing. As those who’ve already made the switch will know, there’s really no going back after experiencing the organic difference first-hand.


So for those interested in giving the man (or men) in their lives a gentle nudge in the right direction, here’s a quick rundown of five fabulous gift ideas from the Simply Soaps organic range:


3 Soap Gift Pack


First up, the only thing better than a bar of our gorgeous organic soap is a gift bundle containing THREE of our all-time favourites. You can pretty much rest assured that by the time he’s done with this tempting trio, there’s really no way he’ll even consider switching back to the store-bought alternative. Made with 100% organic ingredients and free from anything harsh or harmful, it’s an incredible way of injecting a little luxury into the everyday.


Natural Shaving Soap


The very best thing about shaving soap is the way in which it kills two birds with one stone. A gloriously gentle yet perfectly powerful bar that works up a rich lather for shaving as it’s used. Best of all, it can be used for shaving head to toe – technically making it just as suitable for men as for women. And let’s face it – the very best gifts are the kinds of gifts that can be shared, right? We think so, anyway!


Refreshing Hair Wax Sculpting Pomade


Show the man in your life that there is in fact a way of creating his sublime signature style, without having to resort to all manner of nasty chemicals and toxins. The kind of stuff that goes into the average hair styling products these days isn’t what you’d call reassuring. So instead, why not treat him to a rich dose of our organic wax sculpting pomade, which like everything else across the collection features only the finest natural ingredients?


Moisturising Aftershave Balm


We’ve also put everything we know about organic ingredients and skincare into a beautifully soothing aftershave balm. Delicately fragranced, fantastically protective and serving up a sizable dose of moisture with every use, there’s really no better way of caring for skin stripped, scraped and damaged after shaving.


Hemp Beard Conditioning Oil


Last but not least, our beard conditioning oil is another example of the kind of gift that works for both the recipient and the giver. He benefits from a wonderfully soft, smooth and well-conditioned beard – you benefit from the most wonderful subtle fragrance and the fact that he looks simply fantastic. For fans of facial hair, it really doesn’t get any better than this.





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