Why All Handmade Soap Isn’t Created Equally

Why All Handmade Soap Isn’t Created Equally

By Soap Blogger

If we’re perfectly honest, the term ‘handmade’ is thrown around so much these days it’s beginning to lose all meaning. Head to your local café and they’ll boast of handmade sandwiches…clear as opposed to the robot-made variety. From hand-painted everything to hand-poured drinks and so on and so forth, so many brands and businesses are stating the obvious in order to win brownie points. And then of course there are those at the other side of the industry that are in fact hand-making their products, though in doing so are misleading those buying with regard to what’s actually in them.


Keep up, so far?


Handmade Hype


Without naming any names, there are one or two High Street cosmetic brands of huge power and popularity which are famed for using only the freshest ingredients and hand-making most of the stuff on sale. The soap bars for one thing tend to all be handmade and are said to be packed with natural goodies, before being made pretty enough to eat and loaded with the most incredible fragrances.


Now, nobody can (or at least should) dispute for a moment that there are bona-fide handmade skincare products. But at the same time it’s important to ask yourself – just what exactly does this mean? In truth, it really doesn’t mean anything at all as just because they’re made by hand and feature fresh ingredients, it doesn’t for one second mean that what goes into each product is even remotely good for your skin.


A Convenient Cover-up


It’s a little known fact, but some of the biggest and most popular names in handmade soaps and cosmetics are still using a variety of synthetic compounds and chemicals that have been outed as downright dangerous. Of course they aren’t breaking any laws and nor are they lying about the ingredients – it’s all right there on the label. Nevertheless, for most people the fact that there are handmade and contain at least some natural ingredients is more than sufficient to convince them that what they’re looking at is pure, healthy and fresh from Mother Nature’s pantry.


Suffice to say, the truth is quite to the contrary.


So the problem here largely centres on how so many people have fallen into a false sense of security when it comes to interpreting what ‘handmade’ means when it comes to soaps and cosmetics. Just as is the case with the aforementioned sandwiches however, handmade doesn’t mean a thing if you don’t also check what’s inside!


Our Take on Handmade


Here at Simply Soaps, we hand make every one of our soaps not as a gimmick or for brownie points, but to ensure the manufacturing process is 100% organic. Our soaps feature nothing but the finest organic ingredients with nothing synthetic added at any time, while the hand finishing we carry out ourselves results in a gloriously unique work of art, every time.


Handmade products can be wonderful things, but at the same time it’s crucial not to simply see the ‘handmade’ badge as a guarantee of quality.




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