Acne Scars – Prevention and Treatment

Acne Scars – Prevention and Treatment

By Soap Blogger

There is nothing less wonderful than a problem case of acne that finally decides the time has come to retreat, but in the vast majority of severe cases you may find yourself left with an unwanted memento. The spots are gone, but have left behind those tell-tale purple scars which in some cases have the potential to stick around for a lifetime.

So, it’s a little like ‘out of the frying pan and into the fire’ for the delicate skin of your face, but the good news is that there are ways and means by which acne scars can be treated. And while there will always be those who choose to immediately opt for corrective surgery or harsh treatments, many of the most effective measures of all are wholly more natural and accessible.

Future Breakout Prevention

For example, perhaps the most important tip of all is that of ensuring that future breakouts are minimised or ideally avoided entirely. Any new spots are likely to increase the severity and the longevity of the problem, so getting into an effective spot-prevention skincare regime is crucial. However, this doesn’t mean simply attacking your face with harsh products, but rather by combining natural products and preventative preparations with an overall good level of health and consistent hydration, inside and out.

Avoid UV Exposure

The rays of the sun don’t have any direct impact on the shape or size of acne scars, though can cause all such scars to become darker in colour and much more prominent. Exposure to the sun or use of sunbeds can cause existing acne scars to take on a highly undesirable appearance and leave you with skin blemishes that are nigh-on impossible to hide. You should of course be protecting your skin from UV rays anyway, but be sure to make an extra effort for the sake of acne scars.

Controlled Cortisone Use

Cortisone creams can, where advised, make a big difference on facial acne scars. However, the fact that such treatments can be purchased over the counter often leads to them being grossly overused or misused entirely, which can in turn make the problem even worse. Before trying any such creams or ointments, consult with a skincare professional and be sure to follow their safe usage guidelines to the letter.

Avoid Squeezing and Picking

Regardless of how tempting it may be or indeed how necessary it appears, never fall into the trap of squeezing or picking away at problem skin areas on the face – particularly where acne scars appear. Every time a pimple is squeezed or a blemish picked, the surface of the skin is not only damaged but also flooded with all manner of bacteria. This leads to further loss of collagen and a problem that’s only made worse.

Be Patient

Last up, there’s really no such thing as a scar that heals overnight and while you can help Mother Nature along to a certain extent, you can neither rush her nor beat her at her own game. There are always treatment options to consider further down the line and the advice of professional dermatologists is always available, but to rush into anything that may prove detrimental to your skin’s health is never a good idea.




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