Beard Oils

In case you hadn’t noticed, beards are back with a bang! Some saw it coming while for others it was a pretty big surprise, but regardless of how and when it happened, fashionable face fuzz is once again the biggest thing to hit the world’s catwalks and sidewalks in decades.

Unsurprisingly therefore, more men than ever before are investing considerable time and effort in keeping their beards looking their absolute best. However, there’s far more to beard care that simply giving it the occasional trim and making sure it’s kept as clean as possible. Just as is the case with the hair on your head, you cannot expect your beard to remain in great shape if you only ever wash it using the same soap you’re using to wash your hands and face.

After all, what do you think would happen to the hair on your head if you swapped your shampoo for cheap, generic soap?

Bothersome Beards

Beards look amazing, but can at the same time be quite the irritation for the men bearing them. As so many will already know, the frenzied and perpetual scratching that often comes as part and parcel with any luxurious beard is a heavy price to pay for looking the part. Some are more prone to these kinds of irritating problems than others, but in the case of those with bothersome beards, what can be done to help?

The answer is easy – try our incredible Simply Soaps Beard Oils and we guarantee a difference you’ll see and feel from day one.

Essential Care for Beards

Without the proper care and attention, a beard will be nothing but a burden for your face. After all, it’s not as if any beard can look and feel its best without essential nutrients and moisture, so where do you think it gets what it needs from? Exactly – it draws them up from the skin beneath, which in turn means that if the skin itself isn’t in tip-top condition, the beard cannot possibly be either. And as the beard puts a constant strain on the skin’s health, you’re left with a bit of a catch-22 situation.

The good news however is that this is one cycle that can be broken with ease using the very best beard oils on the market – our 100% organic beard oils. Specially developed for beards using the finest natural ingredients, these oils not only deliver an essential dose of moisture and nourishment to the beard itself, but also to the skin beneath. In doing so, the beard no longer puts the same pressure on the skin to deliver constant moisture and nutrients, while the skin itself stays moist, supply and itch-free for longer.

From combatting itch to eliminating flakiness and making sure the beard looks outstanding day after day, it’s amazing the kind of difference a little daily beard oil can make!

Trimming Trauma

Along with working wonders for keeping beards looking and feeling great, our beard oils are also just the ticket for eliminating troublesome trimming. When a beard is dry, damaged, brittle and generally in pretty bad shape on the whole, it becomes nigh-on impossible to trim effectively. Worse still, shaving closer to the skin becomes incredibly painful and can cause serious damage to the skin’s surface. So for those in the habit of carrying out regular grooming to look their best, beard oil really is an absolute must.

Just like the hair on your head, a beard that’s kept moisturised and in the prime of health will serve you so much more proudly than a beard left to its own devices. Beard oils are long-lasting, easy to use and fragranced using the most delightfully intoxicating 100% organic ingredients – all the more reason to pick up a bottle for anyone in your life you plan on getting up-close and personal with!

An Organic Skincare Regime

The very best approach to beard care of all is to consider making the switch to a wholly organic skincare regime in general. Beard oil is fantastic, but its effects may be limited if it is used alongside harsh or chemical-based soap bars, which will for the most part counter the positive effects of the beard oil. Instead, try using a 100% organic soap bar and perhaps an organic shaving bar when a trim is called for – you really won’t believe the difference doing so can make to your skin and beard health!

We highly recommend considering these luxury skincare products for men as gifts for all occasions. After all, it’s not uncommon for men to get rather set in their ways for years or even decades on end, so why not give the man in your life a gentle nudge in the right direction?

Trust us – you’ll both be glad you did!

Beard Oils

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